2014 Aprilia Scarabeo 500ie

2014 Aprilia Scarabeo 500ie photo

Scarabeo 500ie

Aprilia was the first to believe that the lightweight motorcycle was destined to return in the form an easy and fun to ride, automatic, spacious and comfortable large wheel scooter – the Scarabeo. Over the years Scarabeo has become a genuine style icon with its classic-modern design.

One glance is all you need to pick out a Scarabeo i.e. from a thousand other bikes. Scarabeo i.e. is unique, a perfect mix of classic styling and modern finish that inevitably sets the pace. But like every other member of the family, Scarabeo i.e. with its unmistakable, classical lines is not just a pretty face! Its sleek lines hide advanced ergonomics and functionality, and incorporate a wide range of solutions to make life in the saddle easier and more comfortable than ever. Scarabeo i.e. is equipped with an adjustable windshield and the under-seat storage compartment is the biggest of any large wheeled scooter.

Though light in weight, equipped with an automatic variator, and aerodynamically protective, Scarabeo i.e. also gives you all the performance you need to tackle medium and even long journeys.
Lightweight, agile and fast, Scarabeo i.e. is as comfortable as any motorcycle, but far, far easier to ride. Its compact dimensions make it the perfect vehicle for traffic-intensive routes and easy parking, while high performance engines guarantee nippy overtaking. Just open the throttle and watch the traffic retreat behind you! Scarabeo 500 i.e. is the lightest motorcycle in its class. This, plus excellent engine performance, means a record power to weight ratio for lively acceleration, quick and safe overtaking and intuitively easy control. An oversized, integral braking system and wide section tyres add to active safety too, making Scarabeo i.e. far more than just another scooter.

Rider and passenger comfort has always been at the top of the list for the Aprilia design team. Scarabeo i.e. is designed and built to the highest ergonomic standards, and is equipped to make life on board as relaxed as possible. Abundant space for rider and passenger ensures a high level of comfort even on long journeys. Seat height is only 780 mm, and the platform is narrower under the rider’s legs to make it easy to get your feet firmly on the ground. As you would expect from Aprilia, a tremendous amount of effort has been put into perfecting even the smallest detail, so Scarabeo i.e. boasts an unbeatable quality to price ratio. This sort of attention to detail, and such a generous level of equipment (which includes a sophisticated electronic anti-theft system) are only found on flagship vehicles.

The 500 cc engine is a single cylinder, liquid cooled, four stroke power plant with a single overhead cam and a four valve head. Thanks to a maximum power of 29 kW at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 43 Nm at 5500 rpm, Scarabeo 500 i.e. delivers unbeatable performance, easily equivalent to many multi-cylinder motorcycles. In fact, impressive power plus extremely light weight gives the Scarabeo i.e. one of the best power to weight ratios on the market (6.55 kg/kW).

Like all Aprilia motorcycles, the Scarabeo i.e. benefits from the tremendous know-how that Aprilia has built up over many years of success in racing. The frame and suspension are designed to let you make full use of the generous performance of its electronic injection engines.

The main objective of the Aprilia design team throughout the Scarabeo i.e. project was to achieve maximum comfort with maximum riding satisfaction. The result is a scooter with big-bike weight distribution, capable of amazing agility and handling without compromising the high speed stability for which all Aprilia scooters are famous. Scarabeo i.e. is a real delight to ride, not only because it is an inimitable style icon, but also because the active control typical of all Aprilias turns the Scarabeo i.e. into a truly dynamic motorcycle with the ability to thrill its rider even on the daily commute between home and work.

The double cradle frame is made from high strength steel, and is specially designed to guarantee fantastic torsional rigidity and amazing strength. This highly rigid and efficient frame ensures that Scarabeo i.e. remains totally stable even at high speed.

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Color Options: Crowd Silver, Couture Blue

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